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Ellipse Aviation, formerly Barrie Flying Club, is a flight training school established in 2006. Originally founded by Eugene Dworecki, Barrie Flying Club began as a school designed to train aspiring pilots on Advanced Ultra-Light aircraft. Today, Ellipse Aviation continues to train students and has expanded to maintenance, recency certifications, test pilot services and plane check-rides.

Our current instructors, Bill Crampton, Michael Kirk, and Eugene Dworecki hold years of instructor training and flight experience that provide students with a sophisticated learning process. The three of them have over 50,000 flight hours combined, proving to be some of the finest and most skilled Ultra-Light Instructors in Canada. All are Transport Canada certified, and can issue licenses to help students attain their goals in aviation.

Our Aircraft

At Ellipse Aviation, we fly Advanced Ultra-Light Aircraft, allowing for more efficient and affordable operation when compared to general aviation planes. Advanced Ultra-Lights accommodate fewer medical restrictions and are a great first step for future aircraft owners. Low-cost ownership and operation make these aircraft suitable for any pilot.

Evektor SportStar

The Evektor SportStar was specifically designed for daily operation in flight clubs and schools. It has a modern and durable airframe with excellent flight characteristics. It is an easy to fly aircraft with exceptional controllability – sensitive to the pilots commands at both high and low speeds and with uncompromising stability during flight. Ellipse Aviation has two SportStar’s available for training.

Seating Capacity: 2 people
Maximum Range: 570 NM (1050 km)
Fuel Capacity: 120L
Takeoff Run: 620 ft
Maximum Cruise Speed: 97 kts
Take-off Distance to Clear 50 ft Obstacle: 1440 ft
Ellipse Spirit

The Ellipse Spirit, unlike the majority of other aircraft, has a 21st century design. It has a modern and aerodynamically efficient airframe which matches it’s performance in the air. Being developed for advanced flight training, your skills will be taken to the next level as you train on this more demanding plane. Elliptical wings will advance your experience and give you the thrill only matched by the famous Spitfire.

Seating Capacity: 2 people
Maximum Range: 572 NM (1060 km)
Fuel Capacity: 80L
Takeoff Run: 600 ft
Maximum Cruise Speed: 135 kts
Take-off Distance to Clear 50 ft Obstacle: 1420 ft

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